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June 11, 2010 / alunatunes

“Real Artists Ship” Part 2!/pages/stealing-vegas/32890268867

Fired by the “shipping” info in Seth Godin’s new book Linchpin ( a MUST MUST MUST READ), I’ve been chatting with people about the idea of just getting ART out the door, into the hands of fans, published, viewed, heard and seen.

Both my sons are multi-instrumentalists. Singer/songwriter types. When I told my older son (also a drum instructor as a profession) about Seth’s concept of shipping, he immediately took to the idea.

Yesterday he called. “Mom, remember how I always labor over writing a song? How I always struggle to get to perfection? ” Indeed I did know that and had encouraged him to be flexible with his talent even before reading Linchpin. “I remembered what we were talking about yesterday and I wrote this.” He spouted a bunch of lyrics that were light, funny and decidedly not like the serious tunes he usually writes.

Then he said, ” I think I’ll SHIP (notice the word) this off to a few of my friends who perform country music. It would make a great country song.”

My son shipped Art yesterday. I am proud.


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