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June 13, 2010 / alunatunes

Immediate Action Required

A few months ago, I stopped placing my cordless phone in my office. I decided morning hours would be devoted to writing press releases and bios and my blog and I’d no longer allow the phone to interupt the flow of writing.  My phone base is on the top shelf of a closet we converted to hold stereo stuff, cable boxes and the gaming system in another room of the house.  After forgetting to put it in my office for a couple of mornings, I realized the phone’s absence was allowing me to actually get more done.

I no longer bought into every phone call as an Immediate Action Required situation.

At noon, I check my messages and return calls. This one change has helped keep me focused and on task. I never talk on the phone and check emails. I can tell when someone is doing that because their focus is no longer on the phone conversation we were having.

The next step in putting Immediate Action Required in its place is to go on an Internet Diet (thank you Linchpin and Seth Godin). Checking my business email five times a day instead of a number I’m embarrased to even admit to myself. I know people who hang out on facebook and twitter all day. I can’t do that. It’s too much emotional energy to invest in conversation and trying to figure out if I’ve missed something. It’s draining.

Rarely is there a situation where Immediate Action is Required. Ditto fo CALL NOW and EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR THE NEXT 10 CALLERS.

Immediate Action is Required when a candle catches a curtain on fire or your kid is bleeding or a pedestrian steps into the path of your car.

Reevaluate Immediate Attention Required. You’ll be glad you did.


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