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June 14, 2010 / alunatunes

More Value

The market I frequent has the regular name brand items. They also carry store brands.  And then there’s More Value.

The More Value brand is simple. No fancy packaging. No photos or cool graphics on the labels. No marketing or coupons pointing to the product.

I’ve purchased name brand pasta, store brand pasta and More Value pasta. There is no discernible difference and the price is always much less expensive than a name brand (gotta pay for all that marketing) or store brands (gotta compete with the name brands).

Sometimes, More Value comes from unexpected places. The small agency with one passionate person can sometimes outdo the efforts of a larger, more scattered, less focused big agency with plushy carpet, secretaries and cubicles. Someone has to pay for all that packaging. Sometimes More Value is in the less read blog, the simple self-published booklet, the understated singer songwriter.

Packaging doesn’t make the product. The best bargains with More Value are often found on the bottom shelves, out of sight.

Consider perusing the bottom shelves for More Value. Look for heart, soul and dedication rather than plushy carpet packaging. Sometimes the best is a well-kept secret working behind the curtain and under the radar.


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