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June 15, 2010 / alunatunes

Instructing and Destructing

A friend recently complained that she can’t get her guy to do anything around the house. As a woman who wants things done her way all the time, I can’t say as I blame him for not stepping into a potentially destructive situation on the home front. If he doesn’t do anything, she can’t criticize.

My guy is a whiz around the yard and home. He can trim trees, cultivate, and garden scape like no one I’ve ever seen. Within our humble home, he switches out light fixtures, decides on furniture arrangements and makes decisions about paint (including the color). 

I realize this is typically a woman’s territory. But I don’t have that decorative gene given generously to most females. It’s why I wear denim most of the time and would paint everything white if it were up to me.

I value my guy. He is unbelievable. He is unbelievable because I leave him alone. I don’t instruct, hang over his projects, go online to make sure he’s doing it right or read how to books when he is in the midst of something.

Too much instruction leads to destruction. Too much instruction tends to suck the life, energy and creativity out of people. Then you wonder why they aren’t DOING anything.

People in your circle are always coming up with creative ideas. Listen. Offer input if necessary. You don’t want your son to build a half-pipe in your livingroom, but listen and encourage the creative effort and energy and ingenuity.

Instead of your way today, try to be flexible and open to new ideas. Creative energy is illuminating and contageous and leads to smiles and contentment


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