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June 16, 2010 / alunatunes

Paint by number

From 10 to 37, I was an undeniable artist. In high school, I won art contests in painting and sculpture.  I painted, created  cross-stitch pieces for my home and as gifts. I played guitar, recorded, wrote songs, learn to produce, engineer, create drum tracks, mix, performed and produced. I raised children and worked in a school as an English as a Second Language Teacher. I shipped daily.

Then art took a backseat to making an income. Actually it wasn’t even a backseat. Art took up residence in a storage facility in another country. Art was far, far away.

Luckily I managed to combine a bit of creativity with income. I managed a children’s theatre and learned marionette puppetry. I became the director of a drama group as a part-time job. And I launched my booking agency with the rest of my creativity and helped others with their art.

By then, my art was long forgotten. Sure there would be glimmers here and there. The art it takes to produce the play, book the show, land the deal was still around. But there was no brush to canvas, needle to cloth, hand to clay sort of art.

I did rediscover my love of writing and wrote for ten years before starting this blog. Writing is art and over the past couple of years I’ve written articles, books, bios, press releases and posts. I love to write, of that there is no doubt.

But I long for brush to canvas, needle to cloth, hand to clay. Art lessons are far out of my financial reach. But the dollar store is down the street.

Today I’m buying a paint by number. Maybe a smudge of paint on a white canvas will serve as a catalyst to create again. I won’t consider shipping or making money or anything of the sort. I’ll have fun and enjoy the process of creativity.

Art is everywhere and in everything. Art is not always on paper or canvas. Art is in the heART.


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