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June 17, 2010 / alunatunes

A few of my favorite things….


I was organizing file folders yesterday when I stumbled across one with my name on it.

Odd. Folders are for my projects. The client’s name is on the folder and inside is their personalized work schedule. Each day I do folder work; write and send releases, make follow up calls, etc. I like trackable, tangible record keeping. I always know where I am, what to do and what will happen next with a project.

So discovering the  TAMMY folder was a surprise. It contained, among other items, articles and notes, a list of my favorite things from July 2009 when I turned 51. It was such a funny list and I can’t even begin to wonder why I even made it.

But it was revealing. Because it is really a list of my things that have been my favorites for as long as I remember. In no particular order they are: snapdragons, diet coke, learning, olives, gloves (a nod to Jane Austen), Inspector Poirot, laughter, my kids, my boyfriend, thin crust cheese pizza, cupcakes, french fries, salads, grilled cheese and tomato soup, McDonalds fish sandwich, stargazing, Buzz Lightyear, Captain Jack Sparrow, sheets dried outside, my sister, reading, thrift marts, finding pennies (especially wheat pennies), sun, my office, drinking straws.

This proved to be such a fun, quick activity, I’m going to keep my list close at hand and add to it. Making a list of favorite things is a welcome distraction. I just added: my garden, fairies, dragons, crossword puzzles, Mr Kronk the Dog.

Being mindful of our favorites and keeping them front and center create sweet ahhhhh moments during the day. I think I’ll create a treasure map poster of my favorite things. You should too!


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