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June 18, 2010 / alunatunes

Please Make this Pretty

Last week, I received an email from the director of a music school  I work for. I write press releases, blurbs and items of interest for programs and classes for the school, as well as arrange interviews and appearances for the director. The email contained text describing a new program beginning in August. The text was generated in a conversational tone to relay information, times, costs, etc of the new program.

The subject line of the email simply said

“Please make this pretty”

“Make this pretty” simply meant to rewrite the information into a press release format, suitable to send to newspapers, magazines, websites and other publicity entities.

I loved how the director asked me to make his words “pretty”.

We’re often called upon to accomplish chores or responsibilities or work in a rote manner. But do we think about “making it pretty”?

I know people whose simple manner ‘makes it pretty’, who give so completely of themselves in each moment that an observer cannot help but notice them. When one attempts to make it pretty all the time, even in the simplest ways, they seem to sparkle.

Today, no matter what you do, make it pretty. Go the extra bit to create sweetness, smiles and serenity as you touch the lives of others.


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