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June 20, 2010 / alunatunes

Do not disconnect

I have to confess, I’m a solitary gal. Moonstruck, my company, is my solo enterprise. I’ve never had an intern or employee. Most of my days are spent in an office, working or writing.

I moved to Richmond five years ago and have found it difficult to make friends. I don’t belong to a church, have children in school or commute to a job. My social circle consists of my Boyfriend and Mr Kronk the Dog.  If I’m really pushing it, it includes postal clerks, library workers and the ladies at my local market.

Recently I’ve become concerned about my solitary status. No so much worried, as just aware of a nagging feeling of isolation.

Last night I was charging my IPOD. I was sitting in my darkened office, listening to the hum of the ceiling fan’s feeble attempt to cool things off. I glanced at the shining display screen of the iPOD. It said DO NOT DISCONNECT. I puzzled over the phrase, the words almost prophetic: DO NOT DISCONNECT.

Aloneness can turn to lonliness if we allow ourselves to disconnect. So tonight I replied to the reaching out of  a new friend and attended a party. We had a wonderful time and as I talked and interacted with new friends, I promised myself to plug in, recharge and connect more frequently. DO NOT DISCONNECT.

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