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June 20, 2010 / alunatunes

Queen for a Day


When I was small I watched Queen for a Day. At the time, I didn’t realize it was  “one of the most ghastly shows ever produced…tasteless, demeaning to women, demeaning to anyone who watched it, cheap, insulting and utterly degrading to the human spirit.” as TV writer Mark Evanier wrote.  In 1964, I was only five and was intrigued mostly by the crown, the cape, the throne and the flowers drapped upon the weeping winner. Gosh darn, she must’ve really needed that washer. Good for her. She won. She was Queen for a Day.

I want to be Queen for a Day. I want the cape, the crown, the throne but instead of the dozen roses, I think I’d much prefer a sword with a jeweled pommel, in a leather scabbard. 

I prefered bicycles over Barbie, playing cars to tending dolls, and during my teen years, instead of applying make-up and doing girly things, I hung out with the guy down the block who was rebuilding his Ford mustang and played in a rock band.

Lately, I’ve considered my un-pedicured nails and my makeup-less face and wonder if I’ll ever merit Queen for a Day.  I certainly don’t appear very regal in my camouflage pants and band de jour tee-shirt. I work in an industry where nearly everyone is half my age or younger.  The closest I get to a royal proclamation is when one of my bands is listed on the Billboard charts.

Queen for a Day may be beyond reality, but it’s fun to think about. As my 52nd birthday approaches, I’ll have to consider proclaiming myself Queen for a Day. I’ll have a royal lunch of sushi and sangria and perhaps find a headband with a little bling that will do as a crown.  I’ll perfect the Queen Elizabeth wave, pin medals on total strangers and demand the royal treatment in the personal palace of my own heart.  GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!


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