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June 23, 2010 / alunatunes

Garden Party

“Well it’s alright now. I learned my lesson well. You see you can’t please everyone, so you have to please yourself.” -Rick Nelson

We’re planning a Garden Party and amidst the purchasing of food and the tidying up of the house, extensive work has been done in our garden. For ten years, this yard was neglected. It’s been a challenge and a task to bring it back to its former glory.

As I was planting flowers yesterday, I thought of the song Garden Party, the final hit tune from Rick Nelson, teen idol, pop sensation and tv star. Nelson died in a plane crash along with six others December 31, 1985. I remember feeling sad at his passing. I’d grown up watching him on The Ozzy and Harriet show on the old black and white when I was a child.

Garden Party is supposedly about Nelson being booed while performing new material at Madison Square Garden. Seems everyone wanted the old Rick Nelson, the Hello Mary Lou Rick Nelson, not the guy in a purple shirt and purple pants singing new fangled tunes.

Rick wrote the profound chorus of Garden Party after the event. An event that has a hundred different versions of what was actually going on at the time.

Controlling others, what they think, how they act, is futile and exhausting.  But a Garden Party is about the enjoyment of others and in the expressed joy of others, in smiles and laughter, is often found our true happiness of the moment. You can’t please everyone without pleasing yourself at times.

Here’s hoping your summer Garden Parties, family gatherings, and beach cook-outs please everyone, including you.


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