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June 28, 2010 / alunatunes


“All this machinery making modern music can still be open hearted, it’s really just a question of your honesty. ” -Spirit of Radio/ Rush

Saturday night I literally crashed. After a month of yard and house work and three whole days of preparing food, I was finally as ready as I was going to get to host The Z Car Association of Richmond summer soiree.

I was at that point where reading was impossible so I switched on the tv. Palladia was featuring a ROCK DOC about Canadian band RUSH. I was immediately mesmerized. I’ve always admired the band’s orchestral approach to music, their wild abandon ability to combine time signatures within a piece, Geddy Lee’s off the wall vocals and the musicianship of the three piece group. They were tenacious and rarely compromised their integrity to fit in with the current musical landscape. RUSH is iconic in so many ways.

But mostly, mostly, I admired the songwriting. Neal Peart’s lyrics are stories within stories. His ability to base lyrics in literature always intrigued me.

RUSH is a band of geeks. They like to read and write. I was heartened at the end of the 2010 documentary to see Geddy and Alex holding not Kindles but paper back books in the limo on the way to a meet and great. When touring with KISS, the documentary explained, instead of partying, they could be found in their hotel room reading and watching tv.

It makes me chuckle that a relatively weird, odd band with orchestral maneuvers and meaningful lyrics has lasted 42 years. With integrity and spirit intact, RUSH is more than inspiring.

After I watched the documentary, I felt somehow settled and renewed. Music truly can sooth the savage and change the atmosphere of any situation.

Cheers to Alex, Geddy and Neal and to many more years of making open hearted modern music with integrity.

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