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June 30, 2010 / alunatunes

Why are you here?

 “Don’t forget that I belong to solitude, that I must not need anyone,that all of my strength is born from this detachment.” Rilke

As I scrambled last week to get last-minute things done for our summer soiree (otherwise known as The Hottest Day of 2010 So Far) I had occasion to be AROUND HUMAN BEINGS.

I’ve written extensively about being alone. The Rilke quote really encompasses my feelings about solitude. I work best in solitude, peace and quiet. I am the most fortunate of girlfriends that my Boyfriend basically leaves me to my work and doesn’t constantly interrupt me with questions or comments.  That we respect each others solitude is a most precious thing.

While I was “out among the English” (as I call my forays into humanity- nod to the movie Witness), I noticed the joy with which some people worked and the sheer disgust others approached clerking, stocking or assisting.  Some store workers were more than helpful as we scoured the county for misters for the backyard. And others clearly couldn’t care less about our dilemma to make guests more comfortable in our yard in record-breaking heat.

I wondered WHY some of these unhelpful, obviously uncaring people were in their jobs. I wondered if management in retail really only wants bodies capable of mechanically pushing buttons and taking money and bagging things up. I wondered about lost dreams, harsh reality and disappointment, for surely some of those things push a person to be a reluctant cog in retail.

But I also met associates who were kind, helpful and served with a smile and nod and a have a nice day. They were making the best of the situation I suppose. Glad to be working in this economy. Happy to be alive.

Why are you here, wherever here might be? Why are you teaching, protecting, creating, manufacturing, thinking and doing?  Being here deserves at least a little attention, kindness and concern for those who enter our daily round, no matter who they are or what they need.

Consider here. And Now. And realize there’s preciousness in the moment no matter where or who you are.


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