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July 6, 2010 / alunatunes

Trade Secrets

Tammy with The Music Business

 “Ask them to show you  a recipe for how to make what they make on their own and [most marketers will tell you], ‘it’s a trade secret.” -Seth Godin

How to succeed in the music business is a wild mystery to those outside its reach as well as those who make it a daily business. It has a gauzy ephemeral context all its own.  There’s a magic to seeing someone’s name in print, hearing their music on the radio or seeing them on television. “How did that happen?” say the Watchers of the Watched.

There are schools, books, videos, and websites expounding their guaranteed ability to make you and your music a sensation.

Unfortunately, their trade secrets are hackneyed and inflated but the starry-eyed musician rarely sees this until their credit card has been swiped and they’ve received a pile of useless, ineffective information.

Astoundingly gifted musicians fall by the wayside every day replaced by minimally talented, over-produced, big-budget, flash in the pans who can generate enough money to provide resources to a small country. Which would be great if that is what they did. Instead they buy big diamond rings, luxury homes and cars and purses. It’s unfortunate most “stars” fall into this category. There are exceptions of course. But not enough exceptions.

I’m a believer in sharing trade secrets. I don’t think there is anything a musician can’t learn and do on their own and feel good about their career choice at the end of the day. Success as sustainability not stardom.

Ask me. I’ll share trade secrets with you. Because I want to see you at the least be peaceful about being a musician, able to understand the vagaries of the system that decide success and failure (whatever that is), be satisfied that what you’re doing as an artist is meaningful, spirit- filled and guided by divinity.

At the most, I’d like to see you successful on your own terms with out being tethered to a label, an agency, a manager, or a publicist.

My trade secrets are up for grabs. Any takers?


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