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July 8, 2010 / alunatunes

The No Good Nasty Very Bad 3:00pm slump

 I wasn’t losing my focus but I was getting tired of focusing. What I was focusing on was becoming too routine, too ritual, not something that was interesting, new and exciting.
Picabo Street

The weather has been unbelievably hot. The eastern seaboard has sweltered with 100 degree plus temps for weeks now. Brief respites do occur, an 85 degree day instead of 105. Despite watering (with gray water) and even a generous douse in the morning and evening with the hose, my garden and plants (even the drought resistant heat tolerant) have wilted and cracked. I can almost envision them as cartoon characters, wheezing and hacking and coughing before keeling over.

To combat the no good nasty very bad temperatures, I’ve been rising at 6:30 -7:00am. I work in my sunroom office until the heat is unbearable then set up work camp in a downstairs bedroom. Rising early causes a huge energy crash. At three pm. Every. Single. Day.

I cure this with a splash of water to the face, walking the reluctant dog around the block (“Why should we do this?” he pleads with his big brown eyes. “It’s so nice on the bed with the fan blowing and the ac on.”) perhaps changing clothes, a dose of sugar water, a piece of fruit; anything but a nap. A nap is God’s way of giving you two mornings in one day. No thanks.

I also must fight against the overwhelming metal curtain that pulls across my brain at 3pm. It’s like my mental ability  is roped off with police tape and surrounded by  orange cones and there is a detective moving people along, “Nothing to see here….please move along…mental disaster…..nothing going on here….please proceed….).

I have a battle plan for the physical fatigue and have just hit on something for the mental lethargy. LEARN SOMETHING. I have to credit my friend Michele for this. She’s been at the sidelines cheering me on for months now and through her, I’ve discovered all sorts of mental stimulation, new thoughts, new online classes, new things to learn about being a girl entrepreneur.

I started a file on my computer where I dump interesting things I run across or things Michele sends me. It says LEARN SOMETHING. So at 3:00pm daily, after I wake up my body, I wake up my mind.

The No Good Nasty Very Bad 3:00pm slump has turned into something I look forward to. For 30 minutes I recharge, reset, breathe deeply and LEARN SOMETHING.

It is indeed a VERY GOOD thing to do. And doesn’t require a nap.


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