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July 9, 2010 / alunatunes

Dust in the Wind


We have first raised a dust and then complain we cannot see.
George Berkeley
Dust is the Taoist symbol for the noise and fuss of everyday life. We rise daily with a fairly clean slate, a chance to rebuild, start over, do things better than yesterday. But usually the cell phone rings with troubling news, a concerning email is received, your boss is unhappy with your efforts, your family is not like the happy ones on tv and only a couple of hours into the day we’re surrounded by dust just like poor Pigpen in the Charlie Brown comic strips.  And the dust follows us around and billows up until we’re blinded to any possibility of anything outside the muck and dirt, noise and fuss of everyday life.

Constant contact fundamentally sounds like a great thing, but many times our day can be ruined by a call or an email, the equivalent of the Taoist’s dust.

The World Wide Web is just that. It’s a web, able to catch and capture and immobilize. It’s another version of dust contributing to the noise and fuss and confusion of everyday life.

And then instead of communication being conducive to daily life, it becomes something to complain about. Your cell rings constantly. You receive a disturbing email from Johnny’s teacher that he is failing fifth grade.  You read online the ache in your neck may be the symptom of a serious medical condition. Dust, dust and more dust.

This is not life. This is living in a state of constant crisis and alarm. It’s not healthy and I don’t think it was the way we were meant to conduct our daily rounds.

Instead of kicking up dust today, practice tamping it down. Detach from the cell for a while especially if it’s one of those tether type iPhone devices that urge you to be in constant contact. If there’s an email alarm on your computer, shut it off.

Nothing requires immediate attention except your health and happiness and the health and happiness of those you care for and the well being of your soul. Pray, listen, sit and allow serenity to provide the ultimate constant contact.


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