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July 14, 2010 / alunatunes

Collective Autobiograhy

“Pixar filmmakers have been able to tap into their inner vestigial child, their inner Andy. In that sense, the Toy Story series is their collective autobiography.” Richard Corlis “End of Innocence” Time, June 2010

When quantum physics changed the perception of time and energy, emerging thinkers began to apply mysticism to the equation. For the first time, quantum mysticism was written of, talked about and considered.

In his book The Divine Matrix, Gregg Braden makes the case for connectedness, a rather new age idea that has deep roots in history. Braden posits there is a  web of energy that connects everything in our lives and our world. He’s not the only writer to talk about this collective consciousness. We’re living in an age of evidence. The events we as humanity have touted as advancements are not looking so cutting edge or intelligent anymore. There’s a movement to get back to the basics, to try to heal our broken planet and our collective consciousness.

If an observer were to come here, what would she write about the human condition? What would be our collective autobiography? For as much as we try to deny our connection, we cannot miss the fact that one action leads to another and another. We are not so independent as we might think.

Your actions, words, body language and attitude affect the collective autobiography of humanity and of this planet. Be sure you’re conducting your daily rounds in a clean, productive and uplifting way.

Be sure your contribution to this world rings with hope and integrity. Be sure your role in our collective autobiography builds up and doesn’t tear down.

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