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July 29, 2010 / alunatunes

Shaking is a good thing…

I’m three weeks into a yoga practice.  I’m using our On Demand service to find workouts on the Exercise Channel. I’m able to do a 10 minute workout before breakfast while the dog is still sleeping. Mr Kronk the Dog cannot stand Tammy on the floor stretching and bending and flexing. He licks me in the face and wants to sit on my legs. He could never be an exercise coach. “Oh just lay there and relax for cryin out loud. ” he implores with his big brown eyes.  So the necessity of completing my yoga has to be done while he’s dozing.

The exercises are designed to target abs and they are very challenging. Particularly the plank pose and the forearm plank (sorry I don’t know the exact lingo here). I love the instructor. She is super encouraging without yelling. “You’re doing great.” she tells me, without breaking a sweat or huffing and puffing. “Breath….Shaking is a good thing!”

Shaking indicates my muscles are building and I’m actually getting stronger.

We also think of shaking when we encounter fear. I was surprised to learn humans are born with only two fears; fear of falling and fear of noise. Both act as alarm systems to steer us away from danger. All other fears were given to us by parents, relatives, teachers and all those who influence our early years.

Imagine that. Our fear of success or failure, of things that go bump in the night, of creepy crawlies or water or animals is all a part of our programming.

Today, take an opportunity to stretch out and bend to the point of shaking. Fear is a good thing, It’s a motivator. Working through fear can take us to higher levels of understanding and can unburden us in ways we can only imagine.

Just remember to breathe and be comforted that shaking is a good thing.


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