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August 1, 2010 / alunatunes

Managing Expectations


I am open to the guidance of synchronicity, and do not let expectations hinder my path.” The Dalai Lama

While watching the endless news of the BP Oil Disaster, I heard a BP official say the company must “manage expectations” in the capping of the spewing well.

Managing expectations is much on my mind as I travel backward to revisit an old income stream.  Booking bands has never been something I liked to do, but I made a living at it for many years. Last year, I was able to divest myself of the booking division of my company. I was never so glad to let something go.  I could actually pursue other revenue streams and expand into publicity full-time. I would finally have time to write; to develop the career I hope will sustain me for years to come.

I expected to succeed.  I could roll the truth in chocolate with sprinkles, but the sad reality is my main client decided to no longer be a band. My income fell my 2/3.  Despite trying everything,  I cannot make a living writing and doing freelance publicity. So essentially, I have failed. Given my age, re-schooling is not an option. Given my knowledge of the music business and my former expertise, the best option  is to re-enter the booking world.

I’ve mulled this over for nearly two weeks now. Oddly, situations have been thrown in my path which offer me the opportunity to re-visit my booking work. As a believer that everything happens for a reason, I’m sure my next career turn will be down the old trail I traversed for so long.

Carl Jung coined the word synchronicity to explain the magical meeting of an individual psychic need and the universe answering.  Jung said synchronicity was a “glimpse into the underlying order of the universe”.  It’s the collision of mind and matter to produce a wanted or needed effect.  You imagine an outcome and it happens. No forcing square pegs in round holes. And the more you resist synchronicity, the less it will work for you. I have been a great resistor. And a great proponent of forcing square pegs into round holes.

But no more.

As a new/old way approaches, I’ll be mindful of managing my expectations. I’ll keep synchronicity in my heart. I’ll allow things to be, drop my hammer and believe all is in divine order. And I’ll  remember that prayer is the ultimate voice to the Universe.


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