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August 8, 2010 / alunatunes


“Then Jesus took the loaves and gave thanks to God and passed them out to the people. Afterwards he did the same with the fish. And everyone ate until full. ” John 6:10

There’s nothing remarkable about the above sentence until it’s recalled  there were only five loaves of bread and two fish to feed a crowd of 5,000.

The assurance that there would be enough food to feed a multitude is the ultimate display of belief and manifestation. And sometimes belief is all it takes to turn scarcity into plenty, hate into love, heartache into joy, five loaves and two fish into enough to feed 5,000 with twelve baskets of leftover food.

We’re constantly asked to believe. Belief is what keeps most of us putting one foot in front of the other day after day. We believe in the future, our mate, our children. We believe that our work will be meaningful and we believe that deep down, we can make a difference. 

Belief is right up there with manifestation and expectation. Belief takes courage and willpower and prayer. When we think there is not enough, there isn’t. If we believe enough is more than we could ever hope for, our lives surrender to gratitude and thanksgiving. When we’re not constantly moaning and complaining about what we do not have, there is more time to admire and consider the things we DO have.

Believe you have more than enough. Understand having more than enough means sharing your good fortune. And the Law of Giving means you will receive more than you could ever expect. It’s a perfect circle and one you can create by simple shifting belief into expectation, manifestation, gratitude and joy.



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