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August 9, 2010 / alunatunes

Your Order

“Are you saying you have more faith in the restaurant system than you do in the universal forces that have put this earth in orbit?”- Abraham Hicks

I have a confession to make. I adore Esther Hicks and Abraham. If you’ve never had the opportunity to listen and watch Esther channel Abraham, you really have to treat yourself. Of all the entities that present themselves through humans, Abraham is the most interesting, entertaining and yes, the funniest of them all.  His humor is what attracts me to Esther Hicks.

Abraham believes humans have a flaw in allowing. He says the universe is ready to step in and give us what we want, only we paltry humans always put up fire walls and simply don’t relax enough to “let it in”.  To me, this makes much sense as I’ve had my own struggles with allowing and flowing and not putting up negative roadblocks when I make a request of the universe.

To illustrate this point, Abraham speaks eloquently about placing an order with a server in a restaurant. Usually when we do this, we simply TRUST the process of placing an order will result in food being placed in front of us. Rarely do we recall the server and ask if she has our order right, whether she has alerted the kitchen, whether we need to explain things again to her, is she SURE she wrote down our order.  We simply ORDER and let it go.

Abraham likens this to the universe. We ask the universe for this or that then we trouble the universe by erecting roadblocks that clog up the passage between request and manifestation. In the Bible we’re reminded to Ask and it is Given, Seek and you shall find, Knock and it will be open to you. It’s the ultimate idea of belief and trust.

Today physically write down your order to the universe and then GET OUT OF YOUR WAY.  Pretend you’re ordering in a restaurant and let go of your order the second you place it.

Consider it a game, a challenge to see what can come when you step out of the way of your own negativity and doubt. Trust the universe that put the planets in their orbit.



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