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August 12, 2010 / alunatunes

Pilot Error

Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to the error that counts.” -Nikki Giovanni

A mistake, an oversight, a lapse in judgment, failure to excercise due diligence. All make up the phenomenon explained as pilot error. Aircraft, large and small, have come under increased scrutiny as crashes and near misses have revealed pilot error as the cause. Pilots often have very little sleep which leads to inattentiveness and the tendancy to ignore standard operating procedure.

Our lives are like flying an aircraft. We must constantly pay attention and be vigilant in our direction, purpose and flight plan. But it is impossible to navigate our life craft without some sort of pilot error.

When we encounter turbulence, when a mistake happens, what do we do to recover?  Long ago I learned, as most people do, it is better to simply own a mistake than shove it into the overhead bin. Rarely is a mistake or oversight so severe it cannot be repaired with mindful and apologetic intent.  We’re human after all. Flesh and blood and we will encounter mistakes as a part of a daily round.

Accept errors as opportunities to grow. Understand without errors, the great discoveries of the past 100 years could not have occured. As you’re navigating the craft of life, pilot errors are expected. Learn to admit error as a lesson and get back to your flight plan as soon as possible. Our reaction to error says much about our character and concern for others.



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