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August 15, 2010 / alunatunes

Creative Puttering


I awoke this morning quite determined to devote the day to getting a jump on next week’s work. I had made my usual Sunday morning list and decided to use this quiet, unusually cool Seventh Day to write press releases and articles and do some routing and planning.

But wait a minute. Didn’t I just finish a 40 plus hour stress filled work week? So I’m devoting the weekly day of rest to …

I’m ditching the business list and focusing on creative puttering.  I’m waving my magic wand over the whole of a Sunday and relaxing into a project list that involves but is not limited to: yoga, reading, perimeter shopping for next week’s meals,making homemade tomato sauce, opening my box of birthday gifts from my sister (I received so many gifts from my family in Atlanta, my sis had to ship them cause I couldn’t get everything in a bag on the plane), writing, cleaning the house, and making some paper booklets with junk mail- a new craft I’m creating, which soothes my inner artist’s feelings of neglect.

My puttering will be pleasurable and productive and at the end of the day I’ll feel settled and ready for the week ahead. There are some who rest in front of a tv or play a round of golf to relax or take a bike ride to rejuvinate. My true restful state come in the midst of puttering, accomplishing those small but necessary projects that when woven together, make up life.

I’m reminded God created EVERYTHING and then relaxed by the pool with a cool beverage on Sunday. If a day of rest was OK for Him, surely it’ll be OK for me, especially if I can combine purposeful puttering with a grateful heart.



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