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August 16, 2010 / alunatunes

Moonstruck Summer Rate Sheet

Moonstruck Promotions is now accepting freelance publicity assignments for touring bands and those releasing new cds as well as building proposals and strategies for small businesses.
Current services and rate chart as of June 01 2010
A La Carte Writing Services
*Create press release (3 paragraphs) $75.00 (Reusable template. Just change the show info and links)
*Write bio (four paragraphs) $100
*Write short bio (two paragraphs) $50
*CD Review $75
*Blurbs (photo captions, liner notes, brief statements for media-50-80 words) $25.00 each
*Pitch piece (elevator speech) a 30-45 second prepared statement (20-25 words) about your product, brand or band that intrigues and informs the listener. $50
*Critique the order of your CD. Many bands put their best attempt last on their CD. Objective ears are a great resource to make sure your best attempt is audible in the first few minutes of listening to a CD. $25.00
*One hour consultations. Have a music business question? Need explanations? Confused about direction or organization? Lack marketing savvy and ideas? Moonstruck’s 30 years of music experience can help. $100 per hour
Half Moon Promo Package for touring bands
The Half Moon Package is designed for bands who are already playing on a consistent basis and who need help publicizing shows. These bands should already have an organization in place including a manager and booking agent and or office assistant to mail packages.
Services are offered at a per month fee. When your agent books a show, he should ask for a media list and provide a contact name and number to Moonstruck so publicity can be started in a timely manner. This package targets SHOWS ONLY.
  • Request media list from talent buyer for each show/market 
  • Create an email press release  
  • Send email press release to media list  
  • Follow up with phone calls and emails to schedule reviews and interviews/articles 
$700 up to 12 shows per month
OR $75.00 per show
Tammy plays music, loves music, writes music, gets music, respects the process of being in a band, likes people and represents anybody with dignity and respect. She’s above and beyond the game and the posturing sideshow that is called the “music business”, yet she remains a light in the midst of it all. Everyone I have ever worked with had only good things to say about Tammy Brackett and that says everything.” -Jeff Mosier/ The Mosier Brothers/Blueground Undergrass
“Tammy Bracket is my Reverend Mother of Rock. She has stuck by methrough thick and thin and has done more for my career than all others combined. She is the female Jerry McGuire… I cannot say enough good about her and her company. I feel honored to have been working with her for all these years.”
Jason Hausman



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