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August 16, 2010 / alunatunes

No Response Required

Conflict cannot survive without your participation.
Wayne Dyer

We’re all familiar with  first responders in reference to disasters and accidents. Brave fire fighters,military, police and emergency medical technicians arrive on scene to assess damage, give aid and provide humanitarian relief to those affected by nightmare scenarios of all types.  They do this with no regard for their own safety or security. Whether they’re in America or overseas, first responders interact with emergency situations to bring order to chaotic circumstances. We should be ever grateful for their work and sacrifice.

I thought of first responders as I was pondering non responsiveness, or what Wayne Dyer refers to as the concept of The Observer. Dr. Dyer, like many seekers, believes we are souls inside human bodies, not the other way around and our conflicts surface when we forget we are souls emanating from source. An emergency situation requires the soul’s first response of action combined with prayer.  It’s the direct opposite of a knee jerk reaction. While major conflicts and disasters require the immediate attention of first responders, in daily life we often over respond to the little annoyances of living.  

When conflict arises, we can choose to participate or not.

Non Responsiveness as a life choice doesn’t mean we live apart or above reality. It simply means we refuse to join the fray, the complications, the wild rants or endless, meaningless drivel. For the Observer, the Non Responder, the world unfolds much like a movie, a thing to be watched and considered but not necessarily something in which to seek an active role.

Dealing with conflict, the unkind word, or the dastardly deed doesn’t mean we have to treat it with hostility or animosity. Indeed sometimes the best response is no response at all.

No Response is an amiable goal to promote peace and understanding in your own world. Averting disaster is a daily task of life. Consider your response to chaos carefully and decide to reap tranquility where others desire to sow stress and confusion.



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