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August 17, 2010 / alunatunes

Adjectively Challenged

A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation.
Mark Twain

During a recent televised golf match, I heard the commentator, after a stupendous shot, say he was “adjectively challenged”. What just happened was beyond his ability to describe.  It was such a funny comment, particularly since this man typically provides such colorful commentary, complete with astounding adjectives.

I’ll never forget my middle school teacher and her language posters scattered about the classroom explaining the parts of speech. Her students, if they did not learn the basics of language from her excellent teaching, hopefully caught a bit of knowledge through osmosis. If they weren’t paying attention to her, hopefully they were daydreaming within clear viewing range of the adjective poster: Adjectives are describing words, they tell which, what kind of and how many.

We use adjectives to literally color our lives. We pinpoint the ordinary noun with  sweet or sorry, tantalizing or trivial, ugly or unusual. We are called upon to describe much in daily life to give our people, places and things, color, shape, size, and quality.

Consider the adjectives you use daily. Are you an amazing, remarkable, great, delicious, positive person or are you more of an  aggravated, rotten, gross, disturbed negative human? 

Today as you’re interacting with others or even with your inner self, note the adjectives you continually use to describe people, places and things. It’s an insight into the type of person you are and may be the impetus to change your outlook to a more cheerful one.

The Buddha said what we think we become. If you’re constantly describing your world, inner and outer, with negative adjectives, it’s easy to see how that particular verbal alchemy attacks your vibration and thus your attitude.

Note the adjectives you routinely use. Keep a piece of paper on your desk and write them down. Listen to the words you use contstantly. You may discover reasons for your discontent and disillusionment.

My ardent wish for the wonderful person you are is for a most successful, sweet, melodic, perfect, agreeable, happy, charming, beautiful, kind, enjoyable and delightful day.



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