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August 19, 2010 / alunatunes

A continuing gift

Recently, I visited the newly redesigned Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond. The modern structure far outweighs the old building and I enjoyed not only the galleries I visited but the lovely cafe on the ground level.  I sat on a veranda with a nice cuppa and viewed the renovated sculpture garden and reflection pool with awe and wonder. It was a peaceful start to my visit to experience art from the 1st to the 21st century.

Entering the museum lobby, I couldn’t help but notice a spectacular display of flowers on a pedestal. Upon further inspection, I noticed the inscription card.  I don’t remember the donor’s information but do remember the card’s explanation of the arrangement:

“These fresh flowers are a continuing gift….”

A continuing gift. Somewhere along the way in life, a donor decided the museum would always need fresh flowers and established a fund to provide them. Continuously. Forever.

What a noble gesture. What a unique and perpetual remembrance.

The card at the table encouraged me to consider my own gifts. Will any continue when I pass from this realm to the next?  I am quite certain I’ll never endow a museum with a continuing gift but might it be possible to leave something good of myself that people will remember when I’m no longer energetically in this world?

Think about your contributions to your own world. Do you treat people with respect and dignity? Do you provide love and understanding and compassion in your daily round?

What will those who know you remember about you when your energy shifts and you’re no longer of this moment? Be sure you’re giving substantial, beautiful, blooming continual gifts to all you meet.

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