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August 26, 2010 / alunatunes

The Musician and The Academic: A Love Story

“I have learned not to worry about
love; but to honor its
coming with all my heart.”

-Alice Walker

A recent Sunday offered an opportunity for me to reconnect with an old business friend. In Musicworld, I’m uncertain if any business relationship can be held apart from developing a friendship. After all, when an agreement is entered into to share in the manifestation of an artist’s hopes and dreams, the understanding and compassionate and empathetic heart of friendship has to exist between agent and artist.

My music friend and former booking client, Aaron, moved from Nashville to a small college enclave about an hour from Richmond over the summer. His wife, Jules, was back from an extended stay in China as part of her doctorate studies. I was attending a show in the town and used the trip to reconnect with Aaron and Jules as well as meet my new client.

I had met Aaron briefly only once in the three years I booked his band. And Jules I had not met at all but I had worked with her, as she was an integral part of Aaron’s career for a number of years. In the five years they’ve been married, they have rarely lived together, as Aaron’s work has kept him on tour or in the studio and Jules’ studies have demanded her presence at school and in many foreign countries.

Over iced raspberry tea in a hundred year old home amidst an eclectic and classy cool collection of art, books and vintage furniture, I listened to them mull over the minutiae of their two worlds of academia and music. There was much laughter as they discussed their separate but very similar careers. Each of them “tour”- Jules overseas and Aaron nationwide- in pursuit of their “art”. Academia, as it turns out, is just as arduous a path as music, both requiring long hours, dedication and perseverance.

As we traded stories about the road, touring, art, music and academia, I felt a sweet, peaceful presence fill their simple home.  The Musician and The Academic are a love story. They honor each other and are willing to make personal sacrifices in order to support each other’s passions. For without those intense passions, neither would be the person the other loves.

Create your own love story. Honor the passions of those in your circle. Respect and engage with their art. Art is an expression of creativity. Whether one draws, paints, plucks, programs, installs, wires,listens,sews, styles, writes,performs,teaches, repairs, sells, tells, or toils, any type of work is art. And art is the ultimate love story.



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