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August 30, 2010 / alunatunes

Your Usefulness

 “God is making use of you. You should be grateful he’s found a use for you.” -Matthew King, Lakota

Human suffering and tragedy were revisited this weekend by the news media decending upon New Orleans. Each network broadcast Katrina Five Years Later coverage. It was distressing to see homes still in ruins with the ubiquitous X mark defining the dates search crews came looking for the dead and missing. Heartening to see the growth and rebuilding but beyond belief to understand five years later people are still living in FEMA trailers, unable to rebuild because of government red tape and dishonest contractors.

It’s easy to question the scale of mother nature’s fury upon the already downtrodden of New Orleans. Easy to be baffled by the non response of a government to intervene on its own soil to help US citizens, when the response to foreign disasters is massive and quick. A mystery as to why those sworn to serve and protect, murdered and looted.

Katrina serves to remind that each of us is responsible for individual action in the face of world chaos.  Ancient Egyptians believed that within each human lay the entire universe. Seeking peace and understanding within ourselves is the only thing that keeps the world from spinning completely out of control. Our work is to create a channel in which the heavens can pour in goodness and peace so we may pass along goodness and peace.

Individual action and usefulness is most noble work. The Creator put you here for a reason. Never doubt it, even in the face of shameful human tragedies and heartache.



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