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September 7, 2010 / alunatunes

The Really Bad Egg and the Internet

“No arrangement of really bad eggs ever made a good omlet.”- C.S. Lewis

Venom was once relatively slow to spread. It could only be relayed by letter on horseback and a letter would take months to get from place to place. And in the sheer length of time between the threat of malice and a response, the wind and impact of the argument lost its toxicity. Really Bad Eggs had few resources with which to spread hate. And it was slow work.

Then came the telephone and telegraph and The Really Bad Egg’s hatred could move much faster.  Whether or not venom was responded to or acted upon depended largely on the receiver. One could always not answer the phone or open the telegram if it originated from The Really Bad Egg.  One could choose his news and response.

Low and behold The Really  Bad Egg is now privy to spreading and receiving venom in record speed. Awful videos go viral in seconds flat via the internet. Gossip and rumor can travel instantaneously. innuendo and fiction become blurred at the speed of a click. Did she really mean that? Did she actually say that? Perhaps she’s just having a really rotten day. Let’s go to her facebook page and check it out.

The Really Bad Egg is not limited to proximity. She can infest far away from a home base with just a click of the send key. She can infect and strike horror into the hearts of people far away without the immediacy of reprimand.

The day of the Really Bad Egg seems to have arrived. Frustration and years of alienation have turned Really Bad Egg ghosts into Really Bad Egg problems with a really potent means of communication.

Or not. Isn’t a non-response the best response when met with a hateful heart? When kindness doesn’t work and patience is at an end, it’s time to not open the telegram or the letter or the email.

Sometimes stopping The Really Bad Egg is a matter of stopping yourself. It’s a matter of detaching from the outcome The Really Bad Egg hopes for: fear, anxiety, stress, guilt, anger, betrayal.

There are Really Bad Eggs everywhere. Today you can stop the viral epidemic of hate and hurt. Don’t pass along the video, no matter how sensational. Don’t click on the link. Don’t return the venomous phone call. Pray for The Really Bad Egg that encouraged you to spread frustration and fury and gossip and wild tales.

Make peace your main objective. There’s only one way for The Really Bad Egg to spread contamination and that’s by cracking it.  Allow The Really Bad Egg to live in a world of their own design. And allow yourself the freedom to choose to live in peaceful and loving accord with all of humanity….even Really Bad Eggs.


Tammy Brackett, 2010


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