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September 8, 2010 / alunatunes

The Injustice Collector

“A kingdom found on injustice never lasts…” – Seneca

During coverage of the Virginia Tech tragedy in April of 2007, a commentator referred to the shooter, Seung-Hui Cho, as an “injustice collector.” The words captivated my attention for days as I watched and read about the massacre of 32 students and teachers. My heart quaked with the rest of the nation as the story of the shooter unfolded. My soul ached as parents and loved ones paid last respects to brilliant and bright futures cut short.

Injustice Collectors are among us. We all know them. They can recall an incident 20 years ago in which they felt put upon or embarrassed. They gather scars and wounds and turn them into arrows launched with malice at innocent others. A passing comment becomes an attack. A refusal morphs into a personal vendetta.  The Injustice Collector is dangerous and unpredictable.

It’s easy in daily life to become an Injustice Collector. How many of us line up our own failures, relay them to others and give our perceived injustices undue and undeserved attention?

Instead of collecting the drudgery of life, develop a policy of collecting good thoughts.  Positive images and affirmations can work wonders. Start to eliminate negative energy and thought patterns. Anyone would rather be lifted up than continue to be mired in a rhetoric of injustice.

It’s understood some people cannot be helped. It’s understood there are those who go undiagnosed or cannot overcome Injustice Collecting.  It’s a serious mental issue for many troubled souls.

Every turn of the world is based on the thoughts of the individual. Change your own thoughts and slowly start to undo the world. Be positive, grateful, uplifting and happy. Throw your injustice collection in the garbage today and start acquiring good energy, images and light and love.  You’ll feel better and so will those around you.


Tammy Brackett 2010


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