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September 16, 2010 / alunatunes

The Power of As If

“Act AS IF it were impossible to fail.” – Dorthea Brande

It’s easy to get lost these days. The places our feet were comfortable walking yesterday disappeared over night. Contacts are constantly shifting. People are leaving jobs and moving on or being downsized. The world changes moment to moment. Our usual path shifts and reappears in a new and foreign direction, or goes away completely. It’s an easy time to get confused and stay confused. It’s an easy time to stop believing in the impossible.

The new navigational trick for entrepreneurs and dreamers is to live As If. For some, that indicates living in the moment, taking advantage of the now and doing instead of dreaming.  We must all  learn to sail the new world order by living As If all is well and good and fair and tolerable.

Living As If has value if you can accomplish it. Instead of wallowing in the quagmire of everyday disappointment, act As If each disappointment is a lesson. Put your mind in an As If state and focus on success and enjoy the process of learning and enlightenment.

If you live As If failure is simply not an option, you’ll feel successful about any undertaking. Realize the task itself is a worthy  experience. Let go of the outcome, do your best and allow the universe to determine what it will. After all, the Energy that put the planets in motion and the stars in the sky never considered impossibility.

Do what you need to today to accomplish your goals, but enjoy the process.  All is falling into perfect and divine order. Of that we can be sure.


Tammy Brackett 2010


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