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September 21, 2010 / alunatunes

The Seaman’s Fairy


The Seaman and the Fairy
An unhappy seaman, sick at heart
Convinced life had nothing in it

Cast his line from a darkened dock

Into an ocean inlet

In the blink of an eye, a fish took hold

He felt a nibble and pull

Overjoyed, he jerked his pole and found

Not fish but tiny jewel

A River Fae was on his hook

Tiny and glowing and bright

“Be not troubled” the Fae intoned

Your life will turn out right.”

The seaman stared and rubbed his eyes

And whispered, “I don’t believe!”

And Fairy fell down, quick and dead

Upon the seaman’s knee

He howled and cried at his mistake

Cradled the lifeless Wee

And remembered well her final words

And found strength to believe

He buried her in a cradle of moss

And in an effort of remembering,

He gazed upon her peaceful form

And took an humble rendering

And now on moonlit ghostly nights

When the trees are all a quiver

The seaman unveils the portrait and blesses

The Fairy of the River

Copyright Tammy Brackett 2010



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