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October 15, 2010 / alunatunes

Celebrate HALLOWEEN October 29 at The Visulite with Chasing Edison

Charlotte’s Chasing Edison Mixes Music and A Movie for Macabre Halloween event

Before The Visulite Theatre was a mecca for music fans, it was a premier movie house featuring cutting-edge alternative films. During the 70’s, crowds of musicians and artists packed the Visulite’s Midnight Movies to view cult hits like The Who’s rock opera Tommy and the Stanley Kubrick masterpieces 2001: A Space Odyssey and A Clockwork Orange.

It’s fitting that decades later, Charlotte innovators Chasing Edison chose The Visulite to host a live, interactive Halloween tribute to Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino’s classic cult tale of blood and mayhem. The evening will be a cross promo acting/music event, featuring live actors performing vignettes from the movie.

“The original thought was actually to do a Reservoir Dogs themed show.” recalls Jeff Lewis with the band. “But that had a limited soundtrack. We all love Quentin’s Tarantino’s work so we thought that Pulp Fiction would be the perfect balance between music, theatrics, and overall presentation. The violent content of the movie and the dark humor just seemed like a great match for a Halloween theme show.”

Chasing Edison’s set list will include the most memorable and influential songs off the soundtrack including, “Miserlou”, “Jungle Boogie”, “Let’s stay together”, “Girl You’ll be a Woman Soon”, “Flowers on the Wall”, and “You Never Can Tell” among others.

“Each member of Chasing Edison each be in costume as a character from Pulp Fiction.” continues Lewis.

“We’ll have special guests, giveaways, surprises, a Jack Rabbit Slim twist dance contest and live actors presenting scenes from the movie along with a projection of Pulp Fiction as our backdrop.”

“We’ve always tried to push the boundaries of the live music experience through sight and sound, but this will give us a chance to really try something different. We hope people will come out in the spirit of Halloween and celebrate a fun evening of guts and gore and music!”

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