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October 28, 2010 / alunatunes

“I got a rock….”

You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” -Kahlil Gibran

One of the iconic images of Halloween is the forlorn Charlie Brown, the born loser as Charles Schultz his creator, knighted him, gazing hopefully in his Halloween treat bag. Each member of the Peanuts gang expounds on the luscious treats given at each door, but Charlie Brown ends up, each time, with a rock.

At times, all of us have identified with Charlie Brown, the much  maligned baseball manager, novice kite-flyer and perennially hopeful football kicker.  Despite his best efforts, whether it’s the Christmas play or a spelling bee, Charlie Brown gives of himself openly even when his  optimism repeatedly leads to some sort of small-scale disaster. He is the epitome of one of his catch phrases, “Somehow I never seem to know what’s going on…”

Charlie Brown is a dear soul, caught perpetually in a web of super human effort resulting in defeat and humiliation. It’s easy as musicians and artists to get the Charlie Brown Blues. Despite our efforts and abilities, sometimes we just can not make things happen our way. We constantly feel like the recipients not of accolades or achievement, but of empty, meaningless shards of discontent and failure. We get rocks.

Remember Charlie Brown as you’re dealing with those in your circle or in your daily rounds today. All of us could use a bit of encouragement along this unpredictable path of discovering our artist’s way. Be kind to those who come to you with a problem  Stop what you’re doing and really listen to issues and concerns of those who seek your advice.  Be a source of hopeful conciliation and encouragement.

Give those who seek your help gems of wisdom and hope. When someone holds out a hand to you, place in it the beneficial jewel of your time and attention. Not a rock.



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