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February 22, 2011 / alunatunes

Dreaming instead of Doing

“Dreaming instead of doing is foolishness.” Ecclesiastes

Nineteen year old Trevor Bayne won NASCAR’s Daytona 500 Sunday. He started racing at 5 and moved, alone, to Charlotte NC from his home in Tennessee as part of DEI racing when he was 15. Fast forward a few years and he’s driving the famed 21, drafting with his hero Jeff Gordon and taking the checkered flag at Daytona.

Bayne was not content to wait around on his dreams. He was up, doing, practicing, learning, driving, listening, watching, respecting his mentors and minding his manners.

There is a fine line between wanting something and achieving it. We all have dreams, but what do we do, daily, hourly, to help those dreams along.

Manifestation of dreams is a powerful concept. Ask and it is given, The Bible and other religious texts tell us. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be open to you. Ask. Seek. Knock. All action verbs.

Dreams require actionable tasks and duties. They require the doing. Preparation is great but DOING is better. Perfection is noble but DOING trumps it.

Consider your personal dreams today. Choose one and go for it. Always wanted to write? Ask someone about starting a blog. Always wanted to play guitar. Seek an instructor. Always wanted to open a restaurant? Knock on the door of one and inquire about an internship.

Dreams are the foundations of life. Don’t wait to be perfectly prepared to seek the dreams that make your soul sing.


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