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February 23, 2011 / alunatunes



“Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.” -Albert Einstein

My sister called yesterday with a litany of what was wrong in the world. “Did you know….” she’d start and then would follow with a distressing and depressing report of disaster. Normally, she loves to gab about shopping, her girls, her dog and happiness in general. Her discord was not normal. She had watched the evening news the night before….and vowed she would never do it again. It was way too much bad information for her, as it is for most of us.

I’ve seen people daily work themselves into a tizzy of destructive habits, by simply being too engaged with our wobbly world. Reading, listening, and viewing should make us well-informed and intelligent. But too much reading, listening and viewing can turn us into opinionated and often angry observers.

We should be engaged in our world, but at the moment, when the tacit peace in many countries has been shattered and frightening change is looming, maybe we simply need to unsubscribe from our daily dose of news.

Turn the tv to soothing soundscapes or take a walk instead of gawking at the blood battles raging in the middle east. Read poetry. Hug your dog. Snuggle your kids. Write a letter or thank you note. Create.

We cannot change the world, only our attitude about it. If enough of us begin to have peaceful thoughts, who knows what may happen.

Pray for the world, work for peace but remember, harmony is a daily habit that must be cultivated.


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