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February 28, 2011 / alunatunes

Manage your Mind

“It may just be that a true wake-up call creates a true shift in consciousness. My wake-up call left me no choice. I had to make dramatic changes. Sometimes changes just happen within you, it is the way you approach things. Everything else stays the same.”-Cheryl Richardson

For the past six years, I’ve been a seeker. The archaic definition of seeker is one who explores. And I have explored, turned stones, read books, chanted, meditated, progressed in my journey and failed miserably from time to time, as all searchers do.

I’m not seeking anything other than inner peace. I realized long ago, the universe and the people in it were totally beyond my control. That knowledge, however, does not keep me from constant worry and concern over the ones I hold dear. It doesn’t appease the ever-present nagging voice expressing concern about my financial state.  Lack of control doesn’t mean lack of concern.

I’ve learned small tricks along my path to self-discovery, self-realization and self-acceptance. One of those is to seek out humans who seem to have made progress while on this life journey. I read and listen to the thoughts of  Wayne Dyer, Sylvia Browne, Deepak Chopra and Cheryl Richardson, who are mentors, writers and truly enlightened humans. Knowing that someone else was on a journey such as mine and have resolved some of the issues of the universe is heartening.

Cheryl Richardson has a brilliant little clickable piece of heaven at her website It doesn’t require joining the site or signing up for anything. It’s like Cheryl’s little gift to us all. It’s called A Touch of Grace. Pose a question to the twinkling sky, click on a star and you’re led to a lovely image and a divine message concerning your query. Ethereal music, Ocean of Stars by Diane Arkenstone, plays in the background.

In response to my silent query over mounting concerns about this and that, my divine message today was Manage Your Mind. “When we direct our thoughts and words toward the outcome we most desire, we ignite grace.”

As a seeker, igniting grace is a most inviting prospect. Add a bit of magic to your morning by visiting – you’ll be glad you did.


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