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March 18, 2011 / alunatunes

Musician Steve Stoeckel remarks about Weekend Warriors


Thousands of musicians are planning for their gigs tonight. Some of them will have planes and limousines and road crews at their disposal and they’ll play for huge crowds. Most will be in cars or vans and will drive hundreds of miles and se…t up their own equipment to play for ten to two hundred people. They will be likely sleeping not in their own beds, but rather in a cheap motel. And then they’ll wake up and start again for the Saturday gig.

They may be fantastic players with wonderful original tunes, but they are working in a business that isn’t fair and where talent isn’t always commensurate with success. Many of them (some with potential large bodies of work) will give up, and some won’t.

These people are my heroes, because they do this night after night, and if they stopped, we would never have any new music to listen to.

I have done my share of this. I know how hard it is. So,the next time you go to see a band, take a moment to think how much time and energy it took them to give you that 2 hours or so onstage.


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