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July 6, 2011 / alunatunes


“Life itself is the proper binge.” -Julia Child

The Food Network has turned the art of cooking into a culinary battle . Chefs anxious to prove themselves “the best” (whatever that means anymore…)  compete exactly like athletes.  They pout and frown, run around like headless chickens, and freak and sweat. Cupcake Wars, Iron Chef (which is filmed in Kitchen Stadium), Cake Battles, the screaming of Gordon Ramsey and Robert Irvine has replaced the calm, serene, dignified nature of culinary art.

I’m not fond of these screaming fits of hysteria in relation to food. I do confess to a certain fascination with the show Chopped, where four chefs are given the opportunity to create an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert in each round of competition from a basket of “mystery ingredients”. Each course ends with a chef being “chopped” from the competition.

The clincher here is the chefs are given a closed basket which contains the ingredients they must use in each round. The ingredients are not typical. Chefs open the baskets and figure out what to cook. It is astounding to watch truly talented people create courses from totally strange and often frightening looking food stuffs.

Essentially, we’re all like chefs on Chopped. Life gives us a basket of mystery ingredients each day. We don’t know what is in the mystery basket. It may be familiar ingredients like work, family, home and hobbies. Sometimes our basket may contain something unfamiliar; a job loss, illness, uncertainty, depression.

The trick is to take the ingredients in life’s basket and make something outstanding from them on a daily basis. If life’s basket gives you a sour component, try mixing it with a sweet memory to create a moment more palatable. Draw on your living expertise to cook up a wonderful day, no matter what your basket holds.

As you learn to navigate your way around the Kitchen Stadium of life, you’ll develop a winning attitude and appreciate everything that comes your way, be it sour or sweet. You’ll gladly cook with whatever you’re given and learn to love life in all its wonder. As as you adapt to this empowered way of thinking, you’ll discover within yourself an indomitable spirit of adventure.

Your basket awaits. Don’t get Chopped



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