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November 18, 2011 / alunatunes

The Adventures of Shampoo Girl: The Dropped Hose


I dropped the hose today.

Before you widen your eyes and gasp and think lurid thoughts, let me clarify.

A salon shampoo station consists of

1. A porcelain sink or “bowl” with an indentation for the head and ears (don’t forget the ears) of a client

2. A reclining chair so the client leans back into the bowl

3. A tap with hot and cold water.

4. THE HOSE- a plastic tube with a sprayer on the end intended to wet and rinse a client’s hair (not the client,the chair, the floor, the rug, or the wall across from the shampoo bowl..) Do not, I repeat, Do Not drop the hose.

They told me I would do it. They said no matter what, it would happen. I scoffed and laughed and tightened my grip on the wild water hose. The first words that popped out of my friend Jacqueline’s mouth when I told her about my new adventure as a salon tech/shampoo lady, were, “Don’t drop the hose!” She was speaking from years of experience as a stylist.

But I was determined it should never happen to me. I would capture the offending hose in a strangle hold and never let go, but

I dropped the hose today.

Our client was seated in a chair at the new bowls at the salon. These bowls allow a client to nearly sit straight, tilt the head back a bit and get a nice shampoo without reclining all the way in a chair. In the midst of rinsing her hair, as I was gabbing about this and that, I let go of the hose. Such a small, involuntary movement.

So much water.

The front of my client’s rubber color cape got a nice spray as did the chair. But mostly I made a nice big puddle of water in the FLOOR in front of the chair.

At a moment of supreme embarrassment, my client and co-workers could have come unhinged and chided my clumsiness and lack of a good grip on the hose after being warned it was a wily beast apt to turn in a second.

 But this is what happened: my sweet co-worker asked my sweet shampoo tech assistant to clean up the water while I continued to shampoo our client. The assistant laughed and said, “Remember when we were learning to shampoo and handle the hose and we BOTH wet the wall at the front bowls?” She cheerfully grabbed towels to clean up the mess. My client, bless her soul, kept claiming, “It’s just water! Don’t worry about it!” Stylists stopped by, noticing the melee, to stare and smile and say, “Well you finally did it!” One claimed I was now, officially, part of the crew.

The entire incident reminded me of life in general. Each day we have accidents and irritations and things don’t go according to plan. We say things we don’t mean in response to things that, in one or one hundred years, will not matter. We can blow a small incident so far our of proportion, as to cause a skirmish, a battle of wills, a war of unkind words, hurt feelings and disillusionment in our fellow humans.

Our attitude is everything. Reacting with hate and hostility to any situation, whether it be a work incident or an election or a family issue, is not right thinking.

Learn to react with understanding and compassion. React in the direction of love. Love, after all, is an action word.

And don’t let go of the hose.




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  1. Jennibellie / May 4 2012 9:34 pm

    Hi, I really enjoyed this post, you’re a very funny writer 🙂 thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog, much love Jennibellie

    • alunatunes / May 8 2012 4:32 pm

      Oh Jenni! Thanks for stopping by. I like to write and create. I am so grateful to you for teaching your unique craft. I LOVE what you do and I hope, for my birthday, to be able to order one of your fantastic journals!
      Much love!

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