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September 17, 2012 / alunatunes

The difference between a music FAN and someone who is attending your show for the party….

Melody Music Studios

*There’s a difference between music fans and people who just want to party and have fun. You’ll encounter both at shows. Learn to deal with each group in effective ways. Knowing the difference between partiers and fans works wonders for your attitude.

As performers, we seek validation through our art.  Accept that different performance situations will yield different sorts of audiences and, very often, a mixture of fans, family, friends and partiers. There will be those who come to actually listen to the band, buy cds and think of your performance as an actual event. There will also be those at shows who are there at the behest of a girlfriend, boyfriend or friend and you, my dear musician, will be background music. This scenario becomes particularly difficult if the band is a listening ensemble. Girls giggling and guys yelling over drinks as you’re pouring your heart out on stage…

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