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December 18, 2012 / alunatunes

Christmas in the Keys with UK Record Producer Ian Shaw

Ian ShawFor more information:
UK Record Producer and his family enjoy Christmas as new residents of Key West
Ian Shaw with Warm Fuzz Studios and his wife Vicky are enjoying a second holiday season in the islands.
“We moved here December 21 of 2011, so technically this is our second Christmas in the Keys.”remarks Shaw from his floating home. “Last Christmas, we would have been celebratingĀ  in minus 2 degrees in London! Obviously we’re hoping for rather better temperatures than that and some sunshine too.”
“Christmas in England is a much bigger deal than here in the USA with many businesses closed from Christmas Eve till January 2nd. It’s probably a bigger secular holiday than religious holiday with most Brits using it as an excuse to over-eat, over-drink and splash large amounts of cash on presents.” says Shaw.
And what about that ominous, mysterious English tradition of Christmas pudding?
“Americans don’t seem to eat Christmas pudding, a very rich dark fruit pudding infused with rum and brandy and served hot with either custard, cream or brandy butter or even all three! I’ve bought Christmas pudding for Americans in the past and they’ve looked very confused! One friend told me she ate hers with muesli for breakfast which sounds disgusting.” chuckles Shaw.
“Vicky and I and Princess Pugsy are very happy to be here in warm Key West celebrating another holiday season.”

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