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February 16, 2014 / alunatunes

Cashbox Magazine Time Capsule Reviews: Week Of 10/23/71

Melanie’s Candles in the Wind was the first vinyl record we ever purchased. What was your first vinyl record??

Cashbox Music Reviews

The following reviews were published in cashbox Magazine October 23, 1971. I have kept the reviews as they were originally published.

!BRETpzgB2k~$(KGrHgoH-EQEjlLlbinfBJ8HU2hND!~~_12Gather Me
Neighborhood Label

Melanie has a brand new label to go with her “Brand New Key.” The tale of the intrepid roller skater, which also happens to be the artist’s new chart single is only one part of the lovingly designed quilt of songs which is this album. Like the last Rod Stewart album, this album has its little one minute type surprises, “Tell Me Why” and “Ring Around The Moon,” which pop up unexpectedly and the tunes which Melanie has wrapped around them. Particularly the assertive “Steppin,’” the wistful “Little Bit Of Me,” and the spirited “Ring The Living Bell” are among her very best works. Many will want to gather this album.

Pink Floyd
Harvest Label

Pink Floyd is the type of music that…

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