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March 15, 2016 / alunatunes

April 9- Ericson Holt in Concert at Sandwich Opera House (Chicago)

Ericson Holt - Hi- Res Photo - Little Room  -
“Lyrical ingredients:…burned out party girls who ache for affection or clutch at sanity, broken-hearted acts of betrayal and double-betrayal, tenuous faith, and that old, company-lovin’ millstone, misery. Ericson Holt lays down a brilliant soundtrack—from rollicking to romantic—for hard living, hard loving, and hard loss. And just enough humor to guarantee redemption—that reclamation we all crave—showing us we can, indeed, patch up our tattered spirits . . . and simply travel on.”
—Suzanne Hudson, prize-winning author of All the Way to Memphis
Florida musician Ericson Holt celebrates the release of
his new CD “Broken Beauty” and is in concert at The
Sandwich Opera House Saturday April 9, 2016. Holt will
be performing with his band which features well known
Chicago area musicians; Geoffrey Lowe, Larry Ortega and
John Kattke.
Holt’s debut CD, “The Blue Side”, reached the Top 30 of
the Americana Music Chart and #4 on The Roots Rock
Report. He has toured the world and recorded with
hundreds of artists including The Mavericks,
Phil Lee, Jim Lauderdale, Mike Farris and The Coal Men,
to name just a few.
“Living in Nashville, playing keyboards on recording
sessions and with all those great acts, was a tremendous
opportunity to learn and grow. I was the music director
and a featured artist every week on Billy Block’s Western
Beat Radio Show and opened a lot of shows for the acts I
was touring with. I was also spending 8 to 12 weeks a
year playing my own shows at The Hog’s Breath Saloon
in Key West, Florida and an ever growing list of venues
throughout the Southeast and beyond.” says Holt. “I never wanted

to write specifically for the Nashville market, or any

market for that matter. I’m from a family of writers and
I’ve been trying to dig down to my most authentic,
soulful, self. To find my true voice, if you will.”

In 2010, he left Nashville and made Key West his home
base, joining the remarkable community of musicians
who perform and record on the island. It is a community
in which he has thrived and built life long friendships.
“The past four or five years I’ve been singing and playing
at least 250 nights a year,” says Holt.“All of the life
experiences that I’ve gone through in the last years;

the loss of my grandmother and one of my

brothers, moving to the one of a kind artist’s community
that is Key West, and the friendships that I’ve formed
there, show in my voice and my songwriting”, adds Holt.
“And I’m thankful for that.”

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