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Fifty Ways to Tour Without Getting in the Van


Fifty Ways to Tour Without Getting in the Van is a guide to building a profile for you or your band without incurring tour expenses. It’s available in paperback at It’s a way to reach fans in creative ways without traveling or spending a fortune in marketing and advertising. The ideas in Fifty Ways can also be used in conjunction with touring, offering innovative concepts to increase a band’s visibility, perception and branding in tour markets.Whether you choose to get in the van or implement a virtual tour, it’s important to take a bit of time to consider the reasons you choose to present your music in a public forum. If stardom and money are your main impetus, reconsider your true objectives. The soul of music and the reason you make it should lie outside the scope of worldy intent. Presenting your music in a public forum is about connection not currency. Indulge your creative curiosity and be brave enough to dig into your own soul to discover why you make music and you’ll often be able to put together your own strategy of how or whether to tour. If you’re in a band, it’s a good idea to be sure all members are involved in open discussions of goals and objectives concerning physical or virtual touring, as a team mentality is crucial to the success of both.



Successful touring, whether physical or virtual, should result in new fans and interest in your music. It should encompass sharing your gift and passion with those to whom music matters, motivates, touches and inspires. Music fans are true seekers, and connecting with them live or virtually is often a spiritual validation of music as life’s work.

Traditional touring is expensive. Guarantees, when bands are lucky enough to get them, are eroded by gas, lodging, rentals, food, commissions, per diems,salaries and other expenses. And that’s just the act of touring. What about pre tour expenses- equipment upkeep, rehearsal studio, poster printing, and cd duplication? Because of the tight economy and the changing way people discover, buy and support music, many bands find themselves in a financial, spiritual and creative miasma of low dough and low turnouts. It’s essential, if you’re considering a career in the music business, to learn about visibility and marketing.

Consider a VTP (Virtual Tour Project) instead of a road tour for your next release. We can all take a lesson from Beck, who does mini-tours and recorded his early cds in a bedroom of his home. Or how about Phish, who with no record company and one top 40 hit created an empire? Combine innovative technology and creative ideas with organized action to instantly connect with millions- without getting in the van!

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