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April 14, 2011 / alunatunes

Tend to your fire


“You’ve got to tend to your fire, you’ve got to tend to your well. You have to tend to your garden. You have to tend to yourself.” – Tend to your Garden by  Sol Driven Train from the CD Believe

It’s easy to get caught up in the lives of others. It’s inhuman and unkind not to care, to expend energy and prayers in hopeful positive outcome for the problems facing those we love and those who love us back. As a mother, a friend, a partner and a human, I often find myself perpetually concerned.

I forget that outer peace starts with inner peace. “There is no out there out there.” As Dr Wayne Dyer puts it. I cultivated myself and my psyche, my inner mini-me only six years ago. A rough patch, to say the least, that required as much outer intervention as it did inner intervention. Six years ago I was balanced, meditating daily, at total peace. Now…not so much. But is that the fault of the world or my own neglect? I would say the latter.

If we don’t tend our own fire, keeping a soul light burning without our hearts, we will burn out, no matter what others try to bring to our flame. Our fire is our motivation, drive, ambition, a reason to get up in the morning. Our fire is our connection to spirit, God, source, the Universe. We must stoke our flame and guard it carefully.

If we allow our well to be polluted, our human bodies and minds become tainted. Pollution comes in all forms. Alcohol, cigarettes, over consumption of food, control issues, anger issues, addictive issues. Too many dips into our personal and limited well of time, energy and intent, can leave us perpetually thirsty.  We must use care when taking from our well.

If we don’t tend to our garden, our innate ability to learn, grow, achieve and be happy, weeds will overtake our efforts. A plant cannot grow if it is being strangled. Pluck out time sucking weeds and strangling negative energy vines from your garden. Cultivate a positive personal growing environment by surrounding yourself with sun and light- for in these are the seeds of hope and tranquility. Tend to your garden daily.

Tend to your fire, tend to your well, tend to your garden. TEND TO YOURSELF. Only then can you tend to others.


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  1. SimplyForties / May 2 2011 11:41 am

    What a beautiful post and a true sentiment! If we don’t help ourselves we certainly can’t help other!

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