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September 3, 2008 / alunatunes

The Pitch

 Prepare a phone and email pitch/inquiry about your music or your band to use for marketing.Your pitch should include your name, contact info (website, email, phone number) and the reason you’re calling or emailing. Prepare a 15-30 second elevator speech (Pretend you’re in an elevator and someone turns to you and says “So what do you do?”-your response is your elevator speech). Be concise, clear and informative. State the reason you’re calling.  In each instance of communication, speed and clarity are marks of professionalism. Follow up phone calls with an email. Schedule follow up calls on a calendar. Tracking is important. Follow up in a timely manner. Before you start pitching your band be sure your website is up to date with music, information, schedules and downloadable 300 dpi high res jpeg photos.Choose photos carefully. This is not the time to be artsy and creative. A clear no nonsense photo with a light background is printable in most media formats. Carefully consider your logo – it needs to be printable and clear for use on promotional material. Your pitch is the way you brand your band. Branding is your name, logo, or slogan and should be instantly associated with your music. Learn to write a press release and make use of it.


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